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1981-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Led Sequential Taillight Kit Product # 1101281


Image of 1981-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Led Sequential Taillight Kit Product # 1101281
  • Image of 1981-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Led Sequential Taillight Kit Product # 1101281

**** LED taillight panels ONLY does NOT include taillight assembly****

DIGI-TAILS kits are safer and brighter than standard factory lights or other LED kits because our light-panels contain high-intensity wide-angled LEDs that are strategically positioned to maximize light output and fully optimize your lenses.

DIGI-TAILS is the only fully sequential LED kit. We utilize advanced technology by lighting LED’s in a fluid and sweeping pattern, rather than merely lighting up blocks of LEDs.

DIGI-TAILS allows you to choose standard operations or our fully sequential feature with a flip of a switch, conveniently located on every board.

DIGI-TAILS have been custom engineered kits to fit your housing precisely, rather than use generic light-panels. Our care in design gives you easy installation and exceptional appearance.

DIGI-TAILS pigtail kits come complete with everything needed to replace your old standard bulbs with high quality LED lighting; clear instructions are included.

DIGI-TAILS are designed and manufactured for durability and unsurpassed quality here in the USA.

DIGI-TAILS meets or exceeds DOT & SAE requirements. Each light-panel has a protective coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. Limited Life-Time Warranty included.
There is nothing like DIGI-TAILS on the street, making DIGI-TAILS one of your most satisfying upgrades ever.

Number of LEDs:
114 per side
Sequential Function:
Brake: inside to outside
Turn Signal: inside to outside sweep
What's in the Box:
2 LED panels
2 rubber grommets
1 Power wire
1 Pigtail Harnesses
1 mounting stud kit
Crimp terminals

An electronic LED flasher (see Related Products) is highly recommended for use with DIGI-TAILS Digital Tail Lights, but may not be necessary.
If you are installing both LED tail lights and LED front lights, two electronic LED flashers are required.
Housing and lenses are not included, however, DIGI-TAILS taillight kits are designed to fit your existing housing and lens perfectly.

** currently 3week turn around **